Radio Mozart needs your help !

Radio Mozart needs your help !

jeudi, 11 mai 2017

The concept of Radio Mozart is original, unique and very simple: Mozart and nothing but Mozart. All of Mozart’s works are available in our carefully dosed program, which combines all genres (symphonies, concertos, serenades, religious music, opera…

Make your contribution to support the station via paypal 

A paypal account is not required.

We propose the most famous compositions of the divine Mozart, such as Symphony No. 40, Eine kleine Nachtmusik and his most popular operas, but also many overlooked pieces to discover.
Launched in 2010, Radio Mozart is available for free on the internet.
Over the months, Radio Mozart, which broadcasts a universal music, has captivated listeners all over the world. Today, the station gets more than 40,000 hits per day, for an average listening time of 45 minutes.
This is a considerable success, making it one of the most-listened-to classical radio stations.
Created on January 4th, 2010, Radio Mozart is a community radio station (French Law from 1901) based in Marseille, France.


  1. Bill LaRocque says:

    paypal link doesn’t work?

  2. sarah-jane says:

    my Radio Mozart App on iPhone is not working anymore. I thought maybe when I give my contribution to your radio I could have access to a new version of the radio Mozart Ap but unfortunately, the Paypal button is not working.

    Could you let me know if there is a new version of the Radio Mozart Ap for iPhone and also where I could go to give contribution to you wonderfull Radio

    Best regards
    Sarah-Jane (France)

  3. Nancy Wrona says:

    Paypal button is broken again

  4. eric says:

    (Gare aux doublet 🙂
    Bonjour! J’aime écouter votre émission, mais …
    … il est difficile de vous trouver, car comme vous l’annoncez n’existe pas. L’URL qui aboutit est
    … ajoutez ‘versement bancaire’ avec adresse du bénéficiaire, IBAN, BIC comme moyen de parrainage pour les paranoïaques de l’Internet comme moi.
    Amicalement Eric

  5. Jeannin says:

    Impossible d’écouter Radio Mozart sur mon IPhone (iOS 11.2.1) ou sur mon IPad (iOS 10.3.3) que ce soit à partir de l’application ou du site. Help!

    • nico-4258Gfd says:

      Bonjour Jeannine
      Toutes nos excuses concernant ce dysfonctionnement, je vous invite à télécharger l’application Orange Radio sur Iphone et Ipad. Grâce à cette application vous pourrez écouter Radio Mozart sur votre mobile et tablette sans difficulté.
      Bien à vous
      Radio Mozart

  6. Jeannine says:

    Même chose pour le bouton PayPal.

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